Montag 23. April 2018


Pilgrimage to Maria Grün in Prater

On Tuesday 1st May, we'll join with the People of Mexikoplatz Parish on a Marian Pilgrimage to Maria Grün.  


Maria Grün is a lovely little chapel right in the middle of Prater, and is a part of the Mexikoplatz parish, and also cared for by a Trinitatian Preist, Fr Clemens.


The devotions will begin at 3pm.

Maria Grün

There are two possibilites for you to take part in the pilgrimage.


First - Travel Direct to Maria Grün by Car or Public Transport (Buses 77a /  79a / 79b to Aspernallee/Schule, and the Chapel is a few minutes walk)


Second - By foot from Mexicoplatz.  A group will leave the Church at 13.30, led by P Tomasz and Fr Dominic, and walk together to Maria Grün (approx 5km)


There will be coffee after the service.


You might like to watch this short video about Maria Grün and Father Clemens  (In German)

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