Donnerstag 21. März 2019


Easter 2018

Christ is Risen, Alleluia!

Over the days of the Sacred Triduum, we celebrated the Passion, Death and Glorious Resurrection of Christ.


For this Sacred Weekend, we returned to the 'womb' of the English-speaking Community in Vienna, the Seminary Church on the Boltzmanngasse.  The community began, and worshipped for many years there.   


We are very grateful to the Regens Dr. Richard Tatzreiter, and his team, for allowing us to use the Church.


A huge thanks to everyone who contributed in anyway to our beautiful celebrations.


Easter Vigil

Blessing of the Easter Fire

Easter Candle



Good Friday

Good Friday

Easter Day


Easter Sunday


Englischsprachige Gemeinde
Englischsprachige Gemeinde
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