Donnerstag 24. Mai 2018


Lange Nacht der Kirchen - 25th May

On Friday 25 May many Churches in Vienna will be celebrating "Lange Nacht der Kirchen." 


There will be free concerts, art displays, free entrance, admission to normally closed parts of Churches, and many other things.


Pick up a booklet in a Church in Vienna, or look at the website  and see what might interest you.  If you are free, its great just to wander around the 1. District and pop into the many Churches and just see whats on.


There are a great variety of things on offer - from a large Gospel Choir in Stephansdom  to a variety of presentations from various foreign languge communites from Asia and Africa.


In Karlskirche you can go onto the balcony and see the great views over Karlsplatz - of if you have an even greater head for heights, you can climb the towers of Stephansdom.


In the beautiful Bernardikapple you can hear the monks from Heiligenkruz sing Vespers or in Maria am Gestade an Organ and Recorder concert.


Perhaps the most unusual options can be found in the Caniuskirche - where there is a "mass wine tasting" and an "insence tasting" or perhaps 'sniffing' is a better word!



Enjoy the many possibilites!



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