Monday 1. June 2020


VESCC Pilgrimage to Klein Mariazell

For many years VESCC has made a Pilgrimage to a Marian Shrine in the autumn. This year we will again visit Klein Mariazell - but for the first time there are different ways to take part!  Walking or by Bus!

Klein Mariazell

Bus Pilgrimage 

Bus will leave Schwedenplatz as normal.  Date will probably be 13 October, but we are still waiting for confirmation of the date. We will confirm this as soon as possible.


Walking Pilgrimage

Over three Saturdays we will walk from Vienna to Klein Mariazell.  You can join us on one, two or all of the Saturdays.  There is no need to commit to walking all of them - but of course you are welcome to walk the whole way with us!


Sat 8 September   Rodaun to Heiligenkreuz  (15km -4-5 hours walk)

Sat 15 September   Heiligenkreuz to Hafnerberg (15km -5 hours walk)


We are still waiting confirmation on the final date

Sat 13 October   Hafnerberg to Klein Mariazell. (5.5km -1.5 hours walk)


For more information about the walking pilgrimage please click here.

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