Sunday 16. June 2019


Seeking "Welcomers"

We are looking for a new team of "Welcomers"  In other places they might be called ushers or sidespeople or by other names.

The job of the Welcome Team is pretty self-evident from the name!


When people arrive at Mexikoplatz they need the Hymnbook and Sunday message and a friendly face to hand it to them.


After Mass you'll point people the way to the Coffee Room, clear away the Hymn books and then join everyone else for coffee. Throughout all of these duties you need to be approachable, helpful and smile, smile, smile (but not in a scary way!)


The Welcomers will perform a very important role as you will be the first point of contact for someone coming into the church.


You'll need to at Mexikoplatz by 9.40 on a Suday morning, in order to Welcome people as they arive.


We hope to get enough people to volunteer for this service, so it will mean that you would only need to do it once every 5 or 6 weeks.  Families are welcome to volunteer!


If you are interested, please speak to Joe Cairns, or Fr Dominic after mass.   



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