Saturday 30. May 2020


Sonntag der Völker

On Sunday 29th September each diocese in Austria celebrated Sonntag der Völker (Sunday of the Peoples.)


This year the European Language communites gathered in Stephansdom with Cardinal Schönborn.  

Many from our community took part in the celebration, including our 'combined' Choirs from Mexicoplatz and Neustift.   Many thanks to all who take part in this celebration.


The many non-european lanaguge commuites will Celebrate in Stephansdom this coming Sunday (20th October, World Mission Sunday) along with Auxillary Bishop Scharl. 


Unfortunately all the foreign language communities can't all fit in the Cathedral at the same time!



Cardinal Schönborn, and Dr Gönner (Rector of the Foreign Language Communities) receiving items in the Offertory Procession.

 Sonntag der Völker 19


The massed Choirs of the various communites practising before mass in the Kurhaus.

Choir in Kurhaus


Members of our Community in the Offertory procession (not as colourful as the Albanian costume though!)



Our choir waiting for their turn to sing.


Choir waiting to Sing


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