Thursday 13. August 2020


Arrangements for Masses in the next weeks...

From this coming Sunday, 17th May, there will be 2 opportunies for Mass.


10am Mexikoplatz, Wien 1020.

100 people will be able to attend for Mass.


5pm Maria am Gestade, Salvatorgasse 12, Wien 1010.

60 people will be able to attend for Mass.


As more than 100 people normally attend Mass in Mekicoplatz, there will obviously not be enough room for everyone to attend.  Please consider attending the afternoon Mass instead.


While it will be lovely to see other people again after such a long time, it is important that you do not gather in groups before or after Mass.  This applies inside or outside the Church.  




Englischsprachige Gemeinde
Englischsprachige Gemeinde
Salvatorg. 12
1010 Wien

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