Sunday 29. November 2020


VESCC - Corona Virus Update

You will be aware that the Austrian Goverment are re-introducing the obligaton to wear Mouth and Nose coverings (Masks) in various places from Friday 24 July. 


In association with this the Archdiocese have also tightened the regulations that we must follow. 


So from tomorrow, Friday 24th July it is mandatory to:

1 - Wear a Mask as you enter and leave the Church for Mass.


2 - Those distributing Communion must wear a Mask


3 - The dialogue "The Body of Christ - Amen" is to be omitted.


If you have returned from a "Risk area" (ie one with high infection rates) you are advised to wear a mask during Mask.


Please remember:

- keep 1m distance from people you don't live with.  This is especially important to note during the Communion Procession.


- disinfect your hands as you enter the Church


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