Saturday 29. January 2022
Divine Renovation

Online-Kurse von Divine Renovation

Tuesday, 25th Jan. 2022 • 7 PM UK

From Courses to Conversions: Rethinking Sacramental Preparation (UK) • Part I: First Communion

Are you pouring resources into sacramental preparation only to see young people slip away at the end? Are you frustrated at the fruitlessness of families jumping through hoops, never to be seen again?
You’re not alone. In this event, we share from-the-trenches experience of parishes doing it differently. Could now be the time when you decide to leave behind courses and prioritise conversions instead? Join us for part 1 in this series, focusing on First Communion.




Tuesday, March 1, 2022 • Noon Central | 2 PM Atlantic | 6 PM GMT

What is God Saying to the Church?

March 2022 marks two years since the pandemic hit much of the world. What is God saying to the Church in the last two years? What have we learned? What should be our focus moving forward? Join Fr. James Mallon, Bishop Robert Barron, and Revd. Nicky Gumbel in this live online event.


Buch | Divine Renovation

"Wie Gott sein Haus saniert" lautet die deutsche Ausgabe des Buches des kanadischen Priesters, das viele Gemeinden auch in Österreich inspiriert.

E-Learning | James Mallon über Divine Renovation

Ausgehend von seinem Buch ist James Mallon ein beliebter Redner bei Konferenzen - auch im deutschsprachigen Raum. Hier gibt es ein paar Videos und Audios.

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