Saturday 11. July 2020
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Corpus Christi

Thursday 11 June is the Feast of Corpus Christi, and we will celebrate Mass in Mexikoplatz at 10am.   


Unfortuately this year there will be no procession afterwards.


Trinty Sunday

We celebrate this weekend Trinity Sunday - that God is Father, and Son and Holy Spirit, an undivided Community of Love


If you are unable to come to Mass at this time please find here the Sunday Message.

Pentecost - Good News!

The feast of Pentecost is always Good News!   The Spirit that came upon the disciples is the same Spirit that come upon us.


But there is even more good news! A few days ago the Bishops announced new, more relaxed, regulations for Public Worship.


So, while you are asked to wear a Mask as you come into Church, and leave Church, - during Mass you do not need to wear one.   


You should remain 1m away from people who don't live in your household.


There is no longer a restriction on the number of people who can attend Mass - so there is plenty of room for everyone.


Communion remains the same (but without the obligation to wear a mask).  Please receive the host, and move to the side before consuming it.


As always, if you are sick or especially at risk, please stay home and do not come to Mass.


The Sunday Message for Pentecost Sunday is here.


Masses 10am in Mexikoplatz, and 5pm in Maria am Gestade.

7th Sunday of Easter

If you are not able to attend Mass - please find as usual the Sunday Message for this week.

6th Sunday of Easter

If you are not able to attend Mass - please find as usual the Sunday Message for this week.

Public celebrations of Mass starting again!

As you all probably know, from this Sunday we can again meet to celebate Mass together. This is wonderful news - however, as with many other areas of our lives, there are restrictions.  These are necessary to prevent further spread of the Coronavirus.


As is always said, if you are felling unwell, or have preexisiting health condition, you should not attend Mass.  At this time the Obligation to attend Mass on Sunday has been lifted.

The wearing of a Mouth-nose covering (Mask) is obligatory in the Church.











You must keep 2m distance from people you do not live with.


Arrangements for Masses in the next weeks...

From this coming Sunday, 17th May, there will be 2 opportunies for Mass.


10am Mexikoplatz, Wien 1020.

100 people will be able to attend for Mass.


5pm Maria am Gestade, Salvatorgasse 12, Wien 1010.

60 people will be able to attend for Mass.


As more than 100 people normally attend Mass in Mekicoplatz, there will obviously not be enough room for everyone to attend.  Please consider attending the afternoon Mass instead.


While it will be lovely to see other people again after such a long time, it is important that you do not gather in groups before or after Mass.  This applies inside or outside the Church.  



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Englischsprachige Gemeinde
Englischsprachige Gemeinde
Salvatorg. 12
1010 Wien

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