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Klein Mariazell

Klein Mariazell Pilgrimage Day

We 'pilgrim' again this year to Klein Mariazell, in the Wiener Wald on Saturday 13th October.


Please do join us - click for all the details - and to book your place on the bus.

Sonntag der Völker

Sonntag der Völker - Sunday of the Peoples

On Sunday 30th September many of our Community joined other European speaking communities to celebrate Mass in Stephansdom, with our Auxillary Bishop Franz Scharl.

Diocesan Assembly 2018

Between 25-27 September over 1,700 delegates from all the Parishes, Communities, Religious Orders, and other organisations in the Archdiocese of Vienna came together in Stephansdom to reflect on the life of the Diocese and where it should go in the future.  Here are some of the highlights:-  Click on the title for more information.


KleinMariazell Wandertag

Walking to Klein Mariazell.......

On Saturday 8th September 7 intrepid Pilgrims set off to begin our 'Walking Pilgrimage to Klein Mariazell.




Seeking "Welcomers"

We are looking for a new team of "Welcomers"  In other places they might be called ushers or sidespeople or by other names.


Retreat in everyday life

'Inviting Jesus Home' is the theme of this retreat, that will gently lead you into a deeper relationship with God.


A Retreat in Everyday Life doesn't involve traveling away, rather provides opportunities for prayer in your normal routine.   

Klein Mariazell

VESCC Pilgrimage to Klein Mariazell

For many years VESCC has made a Pilgrimage to a Marian Shrine in the autumn. This year we will again visit Klein Mariazell - but for the first time there are different ways to take part!  Walking or by Bus!

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Englischsprachige Gemeinde
Englischsprachige Gemeinde
Kreuzherrengasse 1
1040 Wien

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